502 Bad Gateway cwpsrv how to fix admin panel

Hello there dear friends , i would like to share trick and tip that come from my experience with CWP PANEL ( Centos Web Panel ) and this issue  502 Bad Gateway cwpsrv how to fix admin panel .

People who use this panel probably most of them are developers , system administrators but there have people who don’t understand that much this panel . From my team experience and tests on this panel it shows too much generic / default problems that can be fixed with 5 minutes attention and basic knowledge of linux.

I read on the forum that many people give suggestions when it shows this error to their screen that they can’t access the panel port .

This is the fix for this issue and it’s caused because cwp have been crashed by some reason which is show in your log.

1st. Open Putty , 2nd go to your ip / domain port and login to your vps

after that write this command

cd /scripts/ 

when you go to the folder write

ls -la  ( There will be show all files/scripts that are in the folder in list )

and after that write this command


after that in a minute your port and cwp will work perfectly.

You don’t need to lose any data or configuration because if you do rebuild everything will be lost.

I think this was useful , keep up with good post by our team and have a nice day . If you need any further assistance for your website or server feel free to contact us on our mail , Skype or Phone number.

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