Centos Web Panel CWP ISSUES


Centos web panel issues
Centos web panel issues

Hello, today i want to share with you issues of CWP

( centos web panel )

CWP panel is very good panel but in this case i want to share all technical glitches that cwp has inside.

CWP panel – centos based hosting panel where creators did very good job but most of the time it makes troubles and is unstable.

Like sometimes you will get issues with named process, sometimes with apache

sometimes when u delete or add new domain could happen a issue with centos web panel.

Technical Issues:

  • Unstable
  • It doesn’t have auto correct
  • When it makes update sometimes update could be very bad and to destroy the server and panel
  • When you make auto backups sometimes it miss files and folders and that happens very often.
  • When you delete some user / hosted domain could make troubles in Vhost file/ named process or Apcahe.
  • Sometimes login to client don’t work
  • sometimes roundcube mail don’t work it shows 502 bad gateway

Anyway all this issues and much more doesn’t mean that centos web panel is bad panel, just creators need to take care of those glitches(issues).

Installment of centos web panel is very easy it has 3 steps and auto installment that’s great job.

but configuring hostname, ns, mail, firewall it needs to have big knowledge in hosting or operating with linux to you take care of all that things.

Cwp panel has also good thing which is the forum that they create, The forum is awesome and it take care of all users issues. Most of the time when i search for fix i see how much people have the same problem in different versions.

But nothing is perfect we are not also so take care and remember this is very nice panel regardless the issues

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