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“Kariera”Three years of advanced HR solutions in the Macedonian market

Three years ago, the private employment agency Thrivity enriched the labor market with advanced solutions for the needs of companies and job seekers. Today, this company is celebrating its birthday with a visual refresh to stand out from similar organizations and companies (such as Agencija za vrabotuvanje, Vrabotuvanje Skopje, Najdi rabota, Kariera, Vraboti se).


They say the existing branding was used for the past three years without any adaptations because it was appropriate to what they wanted to communicate to the public. They considered that their name (although it presents the essence of their mission) does not point to solutions for people looking for work or staff. 

On the other hand, other recruitment companies on the market are using very intuitive names that give them an advantage before Thrivity – Agencija za vrabotuvanje (Employment Agency), Vrabotuvanje Skopje (Employment Skopje), Najdi rabota (Find a Job), Kariera (Career), Vraboti se (Get a job). 

However, Thrivity officials say that now, when their portfolio is rich with successful projects and people’s trust, they believe it’s time for a new and more modern look, approach, and way of communication in line with the world trends, but also appropriate to what they are as a team. 

The company explains that after the celebration of the first year, in which they successfully overcame the challenges of the pandemic, and the second year filled with activities for educating and advising individuals and companies, this year, they dedicate the birthday month to communicating the direction in which the company will grow.

Different approach to HR needs – “Kariera”

In the Macedonian labor market, Thrivity stands out from the competition (Agencija za vrabotuvanje, Vrabotuvanje Skopje, Najdi rabota, Kariera, Vraboti se) for its approach to customer requirements and pain points. 

In their cooperation with companies, they have an individual approach in which they first invest time in understanding their needs through in-depth analysis and then choose the best-tailored solution. 

najdi rabota

Within the scope of services for companies, they also offer solutions for human capital management, organizational design, strategic and business planning, mentoring for the development of specific leadership skills and business development opportunities, as well as specially prepared educational programs, fully adapted and structured according to the needs and expectations of the client.

And when it comes to job seekers, they focus on accurately profiling their behavioral competencies so they can find jobs that match their skills and knowledge, which again sets them apart from Agencija za vrabotuvanje, Vrabotuvanje Skopje, Najdi rabota, Kariera, and Vraboti se

Thrivity software

The Thrivity software allows people to find a job according to their criteria, completely free of charge, without applying to job ads. It applies for them to all open job positions requiring their skills and experience 24/7. 

Job seekers list their knowledge and abilities in a CV form, while companies list their needs and requirements. Thrivity then automatically matches compatible requirements and opportunities and sends people an offer to meet with the company.

The process is anonymous until the job seeker accepts the meeting offer and agrees to reveal their identity. Until then, companies can only see their skills and experience. Thus, the process of selection is objective, without prejudices. At the same time, job seekers get an insight into the company profile and the job advertisement.

When the company sends a contact request, the candidate receives an SMS notification with a link to their personal profile where they can see the company and the job advertisement and accept or reject the contact request.

agencija za vrabotuvanje

Education as a passion – Kariera

Education is a big passion for the Thrivity team, which led to the creation of the Thrivity Activator – a planner for personal and professional development, free training sessions for unemployed people in their Career Center, and free training sessions for students within the framework of cooperation with UKIM (Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje).

Thrivity officials explain that this is their way to give back to the community because experience and knowledge are their strengths, as well as the greatest gift they can give to someone who desires to invest time in their development on a personal and professional level.

They are happy that the market is rich with solutions for both the people seeking a job and the companies looking to hire, such as Agencija za vrabotuvanje, Vrabotuvanje Skopje, Najdi rabota, Kariera, and Vraboti se. However, they believe Thrivity is still the only stop-shop offering services in every aspect of human resources.

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