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Learn Online at Link Academy

Learn Online at Link Academy

Link Team Growing We are opening an online academy for Web Development, Graphic Design & Digital Marketing.

1. Learn how hosting works
2. Learn how to install WordPress CMS
3. Learn how to install plugins & using them
4. Learn how to optimize your website
5. Learn how to Maintenance
6. Learn how to protect the website
7. Learn how to design the website
8. Learn how to move websites from one to another hosting without loosing data

Learn Web Development

Learn Digital Marketing

1. Learn how to Research
2. Learn how it works
3. Learn how to create search engine optimization
4. Learn how to create off page SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
5. Learn how to create buyer persona
6. Learn how to create ads on Google & Social Media
7. Learn how to running social media profiles for companies and much more…

Learn Online – Digital Marketing

Learn Online at Link Academy

Learn Graphic Design

We demonstrate how to:
Introduction in Photoshop
How to use tools in Photoshop
How to create Vectors
How to optimize images for website
How to Create Logo, Flyer
How to setup Configuration for print
How to create graphics for print
How to export files in different formats ex: jpg,jpeg,png,gif…
How to export project files from Photoshop
How to combine photoshop and Illustrator

Learn Online – Graphic Design

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Learn Online at Link Academy